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  • mindszenty
    replied to Mythos Based Faction?
    One less-used idea angle for Lovecraftian mage is Taftâni. It is mostly based on Abd-al-Hazred the Mad, author of Kitab al-Azif, later translated as Necronomicon. Alhazred was a poet, and poetry is a important form of magic among Taftâni (especially Kahin). Al-Azif means nocturnal whistling of wind in desert, thought to be voice of djinns, and of course, Taftâni are most important masters of these. One must wonder why al-Hazred is known as a madman, while Taftâni strive for clarity and truth; there can be two answers to this - al-Azif might be failed in his quest for truth; but more probably,...
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  • What a coincidence, I, too, was recently trying to recover these old Shadownessence materials. I was able to find the page on Perfumed Empire Growls reference, and some fragments on Lords of Nightmare on the Spanish forum here:
    I also found a portion of Lost Soul's sigils (Including all from Perfumed Empire, but only part from Lords of Nightmare) from some Polish wiki (,
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  • Well, I oversimplified things. But certainly not a Technocratic Amalgam.
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  • Thank you very much, Five Eyes, these are really helpful suggestions! I was thinking about changing data sympathy to just range, but others points are, too, very interesting.
    Enginseer-42, thanks for bringing up Void Correspondence, I almost forgot about it! However, for now we have an traditionalist cabal, and the Data specialist in question is Virtual Adept....
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  • Thank you for pointing this out. However, I am not missing the need for sympathetic connection; but I may underestimate its impact. The additional successes I mentioned Correspondence mage will need are exactly for lack of close sympathetic connection with a target. Now, if a mage have absolutely no sympathetic connection to a target character, then they require six or more successes on the effect roll - how much more, and what this number depends on, the rules do not say. If Rite, Ceremony and Great Work rule is used, this places effect at least in Ceremony range and comparable time-frame with...
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  • Data sphere seems too slow; advice needed.

    The main mechanical difference between spheres of Data and Correspondence, in our group understanding, is that Data doesn't require successes for range; instead, before affecting a given target for the first time, character collates data on it by means of extended Enigmas roll.
    The problem is, the data collation process is quite slow until mage achieves mastery in Data sphere. Our Data specialist has 3rd level in the sphere, which means that he get to roll once per hour for collating data on each new target. Sure, after the data is ready, he will not need additional successes to affect the...
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