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  • Yeah, I'm realizing that the HUGE amount of time this setting covers makes it difficult to generalize about what life was like, because it could vary so much from region to region and era to era. I guess a lot of that is left up to the ST to research, depending on when exactly they want their chronicle to begin. I'm also toying around with the idea of making the setting generational, coming up with mechanics that allow you to roll up stats for and play as your own children (though that might be biting off more than I can chew).

    The exact dates of the Long Defeat are kind of nebulous....
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  • Wow, that is deeply unsettling. I'd love to use it in a chronicle of my own someday. Why does it have so many allies among temporal anomalies, though, if it exists solely to destroy them?...
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  • Fact-checking request for an Early Medieval/Late Antiquity Dark Era

    tl;dr - please tell me if I got any of this obviously wrong.

    TheKingsRaven and I have spent the last couple years writing a medieval era supplement for the fan-made TTRPG Genius: The Transgression. In it, you play as mad scientists and wonder-workers trying to survive in the shadows of the Roman Empire's collapse. As my associate TheKingsRaven described it, "The Enlightened see Rome as a lost splendour that they would recreate, and live in a 'Dark Age' of decline and brutality where little of intellectual or cultural value is created; both because the Geniuses are too busy trying
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