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  • That's why we still use 2e and 3e material for FR (and Ravenloft). From 4e on, it is really the same problem as with V5' plot. They didn't just progressed the setting and changed the status quo here and there, they basically blown up the setting we loved....
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  • More difficult? Yeah, in some respects. Having to learn new techniques? Yes, absolutely. Still, a lot of people overestimating the difficulty by a large margin. WW went overboard in V5 with the portrayal of this, to accomodate their specific vision of the setting, but objectively, V20 had a much more realistic approach.

    I'd even argue that, as long as they are not stupid, or refuse to learn the new stuff, they could hide easier than during the middle ages.

    Just consider the dark web and how much and what kind of awfull stuf is going on there. That organized crime, or...
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  • Yup, this. I have many problems how far they went with their, otherwise interesting plot ideas, but this, along with the destruction of the Tremere main chantry are the biggest offenders, IMO. They just don't make sense in view of all the material written up to V5. They clearly a crude deus-ex machina they used to fit the setting to their own vision and stil hadn't got any sufficient explanation aside "well, it just happened, because fuck yeah humanity".

    For me, I refuse to use any of that (or nearly any of the V5 plotline, to be honest) in my V20 games, as written, but...
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