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  • Prometheas
    replied to How Would You Do D:TF?
    I like the way Devil's due handled the mechanics of the fallen personally, in a sort of similar vein to spirits powers(which like DA:Fae did with sprites hinted at demons/fae possibly being an exotic extension of the not entirely understood spirit world, and thus created ties in cosmology).

    It also gave this feeling of having to rely heavily on humans for faith and packs. As a good angel, People weren't just batteries you could use and throw away, you needed them, their praise, their recognition, you had to convince them to put themselves in difficult situations for more powerful...
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  • I think the "using the calculator" argument breaks down a bit when you start getting into things like AI, who will be using the memory and processing power of said computer as their wits/intelligence score. When said AI can implement thousands of versions of itself onto as single task that are simultaneously all the same AI with one goal, the situation becomes the same.

    Considering that the process of creating AI is well documented, heavily used by many companies, and is possible for anyone with the know-how, Mind 5: Create AI is already a mundane effect....
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  • Imagine how crazy things could get if that happens. I mean, KRISPR/CAS-9 giving people the ability to change their genes by getting what amount to a shot is able to make most life effects coincidental or even mundane. Fusion power could, in a round about way, do the same with forces effects by making electricity so available and cheap that we can use it for everyone's crazy ideas.

    I guess the virtual adepts were partially right, we're entering mythic age 2.0. Where Everyone and their dog has the power, not just the king's high wizard(though in modern day he'll still have More power...
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  • Real Technology vs the Technocracy/Traditions

    Is anyone else keeping up with some of the latest developments in technology?
    If not things are getting kinda crazy, google is making functioning quantum computers, CRISPR/CAS-9 research is opening up new advancements in gene editing that can manipulate living cells, Carbon nano-tubes/Bucky-paper are showing to be one of the strongest and most useful substance in the world, and germany is a close to making the breakthrough in true fusion power.

    It makes one wonder how the WOD and by extension the technocracy are reacting to/involved in said changes. What are the traditions going...
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