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  • Prometheas
    replied to V20 Max ritual level
    Eh, depends on your perspective. Most of the 10 Dot powers from 1st/2nd edition aren't really that impressive(for elder standards), something that I think aligns with the Jyhad Diary's take that the Antedeluvians are hyping up their own rumors to scare away competition.

    I prefer the idea that Ante's aren't actually much more powerful than 4th gens, They just have more resources/connections and are Much harder to kill permanently.

    Another humorous take would be if most Ante's don't even Actively participate in the jyhad, they may be too old to care at this point. They...
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  • Vampires already take aggravated damage from fire, so the mage in question won't need to spend quintessence to change Lethal>Agg like they normally do. Same with silver for werewolves....
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