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  • Don't forget that demon also assumes that Werewolves side-stepping takes them through the land of the dead(which it doesn't, but that's the only spirit world they know about and they created the world... or they think so at least). They also assume that any supernatural power in WOD works off faith, they assume that any Hermetic Chantry they come across must have been a Maleficar artifact vault(there's an example of this in the DTF: houses of the fallen), and that every religioun in the world is some mutation of abrahamic faith(it has to be, how could any other form of true faith exist...or so...
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  • Just be a human and buy your way into having power via smartly managed demonic deals with the thousand and one types of demons in WOD. You can essentially buy every type of supernatural power save for mage abilities(and possibly mummy abilities, but the "corruption" stat kind of overturns this).

    1. As per 1000 Hells, you can buy any Wan-Kuei ability from the Yama Kings in exchange for pieces of your soul(or not, if you know their laws well enough and/or capture and sell Other peoples souls).

    2. As per Demon: the Fallen, you can buy any Lore powers(and other...
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