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  • I would disagree dealing with Transmute. That power is under powered without enhancement from mega atts. Most powers are however creating a laptop from nothing would require six successes. Even with a die pool of 8 and burning a lot of momentum it would be exceedingly difficult to pull off. Let alone if you need to also dump successes for shaping and funtion....
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  • Some thoughts for my games.

    Telepathy, dominate and what not are back in. I’ve never been a huge fan of white wolf/OP spreading out this can do that better and these guys can do this better. Feels to much like classes and almost all of my players, self included, like being wide spread and feeling like we are chronically missing out on something. It changes from “maybe next time I’ll play that” to “wow, one tweak and I’ve found my forever thing I like to play.” Mind you we still keep those things not as good as XYorZ, but we also don’t just cut them out because every...
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