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  • Tuesday, May 12th, 1925

    New Characters
    Soulless, Obrimos Seer of the Throne (Panopticon Ministry)
    A cold and calculating man who is living a life of luxery in Chicago. He has been monitoring the Lovecraft as he views it as a threat to himself and his mentor and master, as well as to himself.
    Artemis, Obrimos Guardian of the Veil

    Mr West takes demon form en route to the Regency Hotel where Seer Mage is located
    Chance Encounter with Hunter Killer 1<12J "Jones" and Mr. West
    Mr. West...
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  • Venus' Journal Entry (late arrival)
    Private Investigators Notes:

    -Receiving a tip about a super natural gather spot visited the Lovecraft Bar.

    -Upon arrival examined the premises with Mage Sight, and discovered a Space Scrying Portal cast on a whisky bottle at the bar.

    -Group of rival Gangsters enters the Lovecraft with the intention of extorting the owners, to purchase their alcohol supply exclusively from their gang.

    -Changeling lounge singer launches into a beautiful performance in response to the intimidation, hypnotically quelling...
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  • (Actual Play) Turbulent Metropolis - A Mixed CofD Game set in 1925 Chicago

    This is the Chronicles of Darkness game I am currently running on Saturday afternoons, and I have been approached by a few people to provide some updates on the game as they're interested in the events that are transpiring in the game, but since I don't have the full time for writing a full write up of each session, I decided to ask my players to write up journal entries for each session, which I would share below, giving you an in character perspective. Let me know how this approach works!

    Synopsis: Set in Chicago, 1925, the height of Prohibition focusing around the mysterious Speakeasy...
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