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  • Could use help with a legacy, can't get father than concept

    I want to write a Legacy for a character in a crossover fanfic, but can't move to the actual spells of it.

    (Name TBD)

    Parentage: Thyrsus, Free Council or Adamantine Arrow
    Background: Being founded in the early chapters of the fic. Gathers its membership from medics, pseudo-medics, survivalists and athlethes
    Appearances: According to the above.

    Prerequisites: Death 2, Medicine 2, 2 dots in one of the following: Survival, Athlethics, Animal Ken
    Initiation: The initiate must demonstrate understanding of the circle...
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  • I really wouldn't give color combinations to X-splats, who have more in common with tribal subcategories. Y-splats say far more about a character's outlook/philosophy, which is what color identities are in the end.

    Anyway, Princess: the Hopeful core courts:
    Clubs: Green/White (even their focus on evolution has more in common with Crossbreed Labs than with Simic)
    Diamond: Blue
    Hearts: White or White/Blue
    Swords: Red (too bad there's no mechanic based on love yet)
    Spades: Black/Red (kinda like Lorwyn goblins)

    Tears: White/Black (absolutely...
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  • I'd go off the lyrics anyways :P

    The cult the song's about seems to be either a Fury Krewe of a particularily unsubtle Labyrinth - even though it sounds more like a Cryptopoly at the beginning.

    This song can be a little hard, so I'll try to translate the lyrics below - what does it sound (and read) like?

    "His name is Sir Grammophon"

    Forever people can't be together,
    Forever people can't be together,
    Oh cannot love, no earthly love,
    A-burn without end.
    But tell, why then we still love another,
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