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  • What I'm about to say is no where in the 2nd manuscript as far as what I remember.

    But I'd add little odds and ends ST-fiat rulings to that. I'd say they see the fruit as something mundane/close but the fruit does something similar but odd to mortals. Like simple glamour fruit gives them a a kind of emotional high as it were. But not something that could easily be traced or defined....
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  • xiongrey
    replied to Character Sheet?
    I personally like the idea of Clarity being a vertical health track (though elongated a bit) with space next to each for it's touchstones. I think that the dots and squares should look and feel like the health and willpower sections but vertical. Maybe have expanded Touchstones portion for 2/4 page versions.

    Another idea is to have the best of both worlds:

    Have a (albeit smaller) horizontal track under the Health and before the Willpower with Circles to denote the total, and squares to denote the severity of the damage. and then below the Glamour Pool can be a vertical...
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  • I believe this would qualify as a "Simple questions/Simple Answer" in that I don't think it needs a full new topic.

    But, is anyone here planning on updating the Changeling: The Lost TVTropes page? It's currently frightfully out of date (still saying that there will be about 100 kiths in the core and other such things).

    It's just, I don't know how to update TVTropes and it's been one of the best resources for showing new people the basics beforehand (when it's up to date that is).
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  • Not from what I've read.

    Reducing Glamour to zero has the chance of becoming Glamour Starved then Glamour Addicted if left too long. And the book had many different ways of dealing with a fetch that served whichever purpose the story and character have such as killing the fetch, reconciling with (or allying with) the fetch, and even hints you might be able to merge with the fetch and treat that like an obtaining one of your Icons.

    So while the book didn't discuss a way to change back to a human, I'd imagine that it wouldn't be hard to make such a ritual work for your...
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