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  • If you have the time, can you give a brief description of how cWoD and CofD are being blended?

    The settings are so different. Just speaking on personal level, I imagine having a hard time with the differences.
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  • You sure you posted this in the right place? it seems as if you're looking for the Classic World of Darkness sub-forums found here. Your references to New Orleans by Night and White Wolf make me believe you're looking for cWoD. You'd likely have better luck posting it there.

    This sub-forum is for the Chronicles of Darkness (or CofD previously known as nWoD). So Vampire: the Requiem vs Vampire: the Masquerade....
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  • ‚Äč
    Woo! So it is used! <3

    2 side notes for Jang, all in-progress things are updated weekly based on MMNs and as this is located in the CofD thread, it only includes nWoD/CofD books.
    I don't include fan-made material (largely speaking) but I try hard to keep it complete to released/planned books. Another user has separate fantastic threads for each line that include those under each sub-thread....
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  • xiongrey
    replied to Strix Totem
    So I remember eating that STV supplement of Rose's and now I have a question after reading through this thread. Wasn't it revealed that the Strix were indeed Spirits? Even if they don't really need the Shadow, shouldn't they work mostly like other Spirit Totems?

    Due to Rose's supplement, I kind of considered the Strix somewhere between traditional Spirits, Hosts, and Idigam. Basically like traditional Spirits but they've done their own thing since a long time ago.

    Side Note @OP, not saying anything against the idea. To be honest, no matter how you treat it for...
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