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  • xiongrey
    replied to Poll: Favorite 1e kiths?
    Big question.
    I suppose I'll limit it to 5 (but in no particular order, I loved these either Playing or seeing played)
    1. Coldscale (mostly the types of chars made when the idea was "lizardlike" were all great chars.)
    2. Gravewight (I've seen two of these and, while not inherent to the kith, both played like fantastic sardonic wit haunted chars)
    3. Manikin (great drama for these characters and all who knew them. Their humanity wittled down more than some.)
    4. Draconic (interestingly, it wasn't the martial ability or background that tied all of these chars together as the same kith.
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  • This is pretty great thank you!

    I think this is the pitfall that I ran into when running my first CtL game. I didn't do enough to ingratiate the player's into the freehold before putting in the darker and more untrustworthy elements into the game. So when the Freehold was about to tear itself apart from within and without, the scenario didn't garner the emotional impact I was hopingfor simply because the Char's didn't truly care about the freehold itself....
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