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  • As far as I know, no. A Mage can always drop their own running effects, no matter the type - as long as *they* were the source of the Arete roll, basically.

    A Wonder that uses its own Arete dice though...that might actually be a different matter! If the Wonder has no theme-ish mechanism for dropping its effect before end of duration, I can actually see the Mage needing to unweave the effect that the Wonder created....
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  • I also agree with Faradn's interpretation, since the text explicitely states:

    "As an overall note, an Effect that has a Time-based trigger,
    one which has been locked into another Pattern, or one that
    has been cast but whose duration has not yet expired, does not
    count toward that total."

    Note the bold 'But whose duration has not yet expired'. Especially the 'not yet expired'.
    It implies two things:

    1) Effects that require no active interaction by the mage (i.e. pattern-locked, time based etc.) and that have not yet expi...
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    Last edited by Ambrosia; 01-09-2018, 07:30 AM.

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  • Indeed.
    Only effects the mage needs to actively concentrate on (delicate forces work/flight/telekinesis, mind control, etc.) apply to this.
    Also of note, another thing that falls under this is actively prolonging an effect past its duration - even if you only manage to make an effect last for a turn or hour or whatever, you can prolong it by actively focusing on it.
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  • Ambrosia
    replied to Mage Cocktails
    Alas, no. However, I'd not be surprised if they made their way into the M20 CookBook under different names - the book has a big, big section of Magey Cocktails in the Children of Knowledge section.
    Darn alchemists....
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