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  • It's..well, very possible! Be it denizens of another world, umbra, realm or plane.

    Personally however, I'm seeeeeeeriously not a fan of ordering everything in the cWoD into the triat or well-known creature classes. The World of Darkness ought to be bigger than the few trodden paths that have been taken over and over.
    One thing nWoD seriously has over cWoD, is that in general it gives much more written incentive to just have 'the unknown', be it on earth or out there. And horror works best with the unknown. Whenever something becomes just another clasified spirit, it just takes...
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  • Mind you that the wrote was written in a 1st Edition book - which started off with mages dropping instruments left and right and having higher Arete ratings on average than they do these days.

    The rote might need a subtle reivison, perhaps scaling the initiative increase more with the Damage Table of Arete successes (So, roughly 2x successes). Else it's rather underwhelming.

    On a similiar note, if you really want to boost your initiative, have a Time 2/Mind 1 effect running that essentially simply allows you to see second into the future. Just one second...
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  • They have similiarities, but it's not only the similiarities that make people fit into a tradition/group, it's also incompatible, harsh differences that keep them separate from others;

    Hermetics are very much focused on individual power. They might be one of the most regulated and strict groups, but at the same time the Hermetics value personal achievements, power and magickal ability. They are very proud of their individualism as a counterbalance to their strict organization - and they are not afraid of political conflict among themselves. It's a stark contrast to the unity that,...
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  • If the avatar storm is a thing, has it passed?
    * If it has passed, what's the state of the old umbral chantries?
    * Have they been reclaimed?
    * Were Mages actually able to survive there, now making contact again?*
    * Are expeditions being undetaken to derelict installations?
    If it has not passed,
    * What is the state of the umbral chantries?
    * Are Mages actually surviving out there?

    How important are the acts of the Marauders?
    * They are part of the Ascension War. Are all their doings as agents of chaos just..chaotic, or is there an overall...
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