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  • Mmmh. This is quite a good point!
    I think a counterargument can be made however: Technocrats - heck, Technomancers in general - evolve their gadgets, even the unique ones. While the feather of an angel stays an Unique Instrument because of its, well, its very nature, it also probably has the disadvantage that it should not be tampered with too much. And if he ever loses it, he *needs to find another Angel* to get a feather from. Good luck.

    Unique technomancer foci can be iterated (heh) and improved on. They are in a way more dynamic than mythic Unique Instruments. A sweet irony....
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  • Ambrosia
    replied to M5
    I've been pondering a campaign setting (Or heck, theoretically even the wishful concept of WoD gamelines) that deals with a situation that would *perfectly* fit this; A Fallout / Mad Max / TriGun / Last Of Us / etc-esque time in the WoD that plays after a global apocalypse. Whatever that apocalypse might have taken form as.

    Warning: Long post ahead.

    Was it mundane war? Was it the Wyrm? A magickal accident, triggered by hubris? Nephandi? Did the Ratkin unleash the mother of plagues as a radical measure? Was the Wyrm somehow *beaten* and did Gaia, with the...
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  • From what it sounds like so far, it's not a Book of Madness v3. it's specifically about Nephandi and their ilk. It is a book about pure Evil....
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  • An excellent interview, and very worth listening to for the whole length.
    It's especially interesting to hear about the nature of Book Of The Fallen, as well as Gods & Monsters. Book Of The Fallen particularly - the takeaway is, that the book will be a serious Black Dog style punch to the gut, in regards to the very nature of the Nephandi. From the whole atmosphere of that part of the interview, it's easy to see that the point will be driven home that, no, they are not just 'evil' Mages. They are capital E, worst-nightmare scenario beings, and if players want to merely play an antagonistic...
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