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  • The 'weirdest' thing you can do with purely level 1 spheres only, nothing else involved?
    Use them offensively on a target.

    Remember that you can share those senses by touch - so if you need to get somebody temporarily dazed and confused for some reason, hit 'em with an overload of those senses. Depending on how your Mage actually senses those things of course, but visual variants would be the most effective.
    M20 has rules on force-sharing those senses on unwilling targets.

    Mind you that if you use that on sleepers, it becomes a rare case where level 1 spheres...
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  • Well, on August 11th they announced that Bloodlines 2 is being delayed til 2021, and the GOG page for it says September 2021...

    Either way, if the firing was seriously about delays, somebody didn't learn from Bloodlines 1. On the other hand, it's delayed again, so..
    ..this is just confusing overall....
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  • Aaaaactually that last part is not quite true. And as I'm writing this, I find more and more ways to reach it, heh. This was actually supposed to be a short quip.


    The well of souls' entrance actually bears human writings in the long tunnel leading to it, and ancient humans have supposedly been there (Book of worlds pg 45, IT page 100). Infinity Tapestry actually describes Polymnia, the muse of (huh) Religion that can actually help you find it via a Boon (page 75), and page 90 describes how the "Continuum Orrery" Epiphany can be used to reach the Well...
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  • Note that the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars (And their shard realms) are still within the normal Umbral space, as they are still in front of the first Horizon/Asteroid belt.
    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the according shard realms are past the asteroid belt, and thus in the Deep Umbra and much harder to reach.
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