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    Leonardo posted a Visitor Message for Ambrosia
    Hey, I hope you're having a good day
    So, uhm, I was wondering about partial transformation like transforming your arm into jaguar arm and such and adding an additional ability to it like 1. shooting flames. 2. absorbing flames and converting them into quintessence for the user.
    What are the mechanics for that?
    My character also kinda got her unique focus for forces taken away from here so she's at +3 at every forces spell and gotta spend a wp everytime I try to use it so if you have any solution for that issue that would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance <3.

  • Ambrosia
    Heya! It's going well so far.

    1) Transforming an arm: Life 3. As long as you, as a whole, remain fundamentally human, changing a limb, getting extra limbs, armor, or getting extra things like gills etc. is fine. Just whole body transformations into different things need Life 4.

    2) Shooting flames: Forces 3 + Prime 2, No quint required. If you want the flames to persist for longer than a round, and don't have natural fuel like gasoline, burnable materials etc. enarby, you need to spend a quint per round after the first.

    3) Absorbing flames is either Forces 2 + Life 3 to lock a forces shield on you that negates the fire (or heat depending on paradigm) away from you, or Life 3 + a point of Quint to start absorbing aggravated damage in general.

    Regarding the unique focus issue..tough taco. She'll have to paradigmally lose her dependency on it and find something new. No way around that.
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