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  • LordHeru
    started a topic Health


    So for some reason I seem to have a mental block in truly understanding the Health system in the Storypath system. The thing is I don't know why or where the mental block comes in, I just know its there.

    Soooo, I was wondering, hoping really, that someone here would help me understand how it works in such a way that the mental block goes away and I go "oooh, so that's how it operates, simple!"

    Its frustrating not only because I get everything else about the system but also the fact that due to my nature I am more inclined towards the ST role rather than that...
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  • Thank you. Thank you for the answers and taking time to give them. I really appreciate it....
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  • LordHeru
    replied to Trinity World Hopping
    Apeiron, I like that. Its very nifty.

    Honestly this is what I was thinking about. Somehow an Earth gains multiverse travel which starts small and with little control but expands in scope and control as events happen. This could be time travel like alternates and it could be the appearance of other powers and such.

    I like the idea that at the start there are no superpowered people, well maybe Talents. But as things go on other powers begin to appear among those most heavily traveling between realms.

    But yeah this is the sort of thing I really like.
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