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  • Aka posted by me on the kickstarter but it's important to me.

    May I ask from someone who completely gets it to explain a but more how damage corresponds to health loss, the whole health system, and it's healing. This is one of those areas that hasn't clicked for me yet. (I much prefer a hit point system to be honest.) But I love the system so far and so I want it to click!

    It's a problem I have had in all storyteller incarnations.
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  • I can't currently listen to the podcast so I was wondering if anyone could comment on what they said about Divis Mal and Aberrant.

    Ps. I have found a way to listen it and while I tried to delete my post I couldn't.

    So instead I'm just going to say thank you for providing the podcast and for the employees for answering questions.
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  • I cnr help but think its like a lighter world of darkness. Which honestly makes sense but it still brings a smile to my face.

    I like the first chapter. Nice set up on what the theme is.

    I did notice though that Quantum isn't mentioned in glossary.

    The setting chapter is interesting. It very much gives me a aberrant vibe, which had me grinning.
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