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  • Not especially. Don't mistake me, Errol, you presented some good points to think on, but they didn't really help answer my question.

    I guess what I'm looking for is advice on how to portray the characteristics of a Tribe. As it's currently laid out, each Tribe has presented a general set of attitudes, and I'm having trouble on integrating those attitudes into a character, I think because they were made up whole-cloth. The Tribes in W:tA were grounded by and large in real-world cultures, making them easier to emulate.

    Let's try it this way: Cahalith are the Historian-Bard-Prophets...
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  • Errol216's post is excellent, but how can we use these insights to create an overarching tribal culture? It was easier with W:tA, as each of its tribes was already intimately tied to a subculture/philosophy. It's one thing to play up the culture of 'Irish Bone Shadows' or 'Thai Blood Talons', but how do you build a culture that is truly world-wide?

    Edit- A thought came to me just after I posted: What does being in a Tribe mean? Being a Rahu means being a Warrior, being an Ithaeur means being a Shaman, but what meaning does being a Hunter-in-Darkness or Storm-Lord bring to a character...
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