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  • shkspr1048
    replied to Non-Iremite Mummies in 2e
    I hadn't considered it before, but Minor Guilds could make an interesting take on foreign mummies; similar enough to share rulesets, but different enough to avoid the "But Actually" trap....
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  • shkspr1048
    started a topic Non-Iremite Mummies in 2e

    Non-Iremite Mummies in 2e

    When the idea of mummies from outside Irem was proposed in 1e, the general answer given back was 'Yes, But Actually...'. "They say/think they're from (place), But Actually they are from Irem."; "They're similar to the Arisen, But Actually they are a lesser form of undead/immortal."; that sort of thing.

    Now that 2e is coming around, is there still no room for equal-footing Deathless from outside of Irem's borders?
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  • I think we need to know more about the whole "Time Being Broken" aspect of the game before opinions on this should be given.
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  • shkspr1048
    started a topic Soul Pacts and Pact Benefits

    Soul Pacts and Pact Benefits

    Question: When a demon calls in a Soul Pact, do they retain any benefits the signer may have negotiated for? I mean, suppose a mortal sold his soul for wealth or supernatural skill as a musician' would the demon then "inherit" the wealth/skill bonus when they took over the mortal's identity?
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