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  • Dots, Points, and the Wonder Background

    Can anyone help break down the Wonder Background for me? I mean, I get that such-and-such Dot rating equals a Wonder worth such-and-such points, but how do we determine how many points a Wonders effect(s) are worth? And why is it that several of the example Wonders in the book have point values that don't match with their Dot ratings? It is all very confusing to me.
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  • shkspr1048
    started a topic On Membership in an Arisen Cult

    On Membership in an Arisen Cult

    How might one best represent belonging to an Arisen Cult, mechanically speaking? Would a Mystery Cult Initiation Merit cover it, or would it need to be something more involved? And for that matter, does anyone think the Cult mechanic should be revamped on the Arisen end? After all, Mage seems to get a lot of mileage out of the Mystery Cult Influence Merit. Would something similar work for Mummy?
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