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  • shkspr1048
    replied to On Uratha and Astrology
    While I could see potential Lodges dedicated to astrological phenomena, I'd like to develop a system potentially open to everyone; perhaps something Merit-based, that the Lodges could get a cost-break on, or more rarified goodies.....
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  • shkspr1048
    started a topic On Uratha and Astrology

    On Uratha and Astrology

    One of my favorite books from Werewolf: the Apocalypse was "Rage Across the Heavens", providing a unique cultural practice to give Garou society more depth, as well as a kit of cool new Gifts to use. So, how can something similar be achieved with Werewolf: the Forsaken, given 1) the hard limit of the Moon's orbit for Shadow exploration, and 2) the extremely hostile nature of the spirits found in space?

    My initial thought was to have Uratha astrology be backed by specialized spirit courts under the Firstborn, or perhaps under the conceptual spirits of star sign systems?.
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