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  • Five Eyes Hmm.. That is True.. Gona change it back to Highest of the relevant stat instead and when they use Reach to make it a Rank 2 spirit, they can add the spells potency as well.

    Also, remember they are still limited to the Ranks maximum.
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  • Moinen Which doesn't need to many rules and complicated mechanics to do so (or I don't think so at least). I was brain storming some ideas earlier, but then I thought about the Velocity control spel; couldn't your idea be a Reach for that spell? It does basically exactly what you describe (decrease speed and increase speed). It just needs some additional targets and in case of a train, a increase in its size aspect.

    Enlightened_Milkman Uuuh.. I could defiantly imagine it as something from the primal wilds. Could be a great source for some political turmoil and strif with such a plant.....
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  • Moinen
    Really like the idea of exchanging momentums. But why not just make it so they exchange their speed at a rate of Potency x 2 or similar?
    I know there are some things about mass, but maybe would have so little effect that making extra rules for it would make the spell much more complicated?

    I really like your Mana Vine spell, but couldn't you do something similar to an already existing plant? Also, Prime would definatly be needed.

    But, a dot 5 spell like this could be made. Maybe where it doesn't have to be near a Hallow. Where...
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  • This is my impression as well. It follows the range mechanic as well, so its easy enough to get use to.
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  • Sounds like a good way to fix it up.

    Now I am just wondering what the thought process was and what the "official" mechanic was meant to be :P
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  • Neros
    started a topic Hurt Locker - Grenade Ground Zero

    Hurt Locker - Grenade Ground Zero

    Been reading a little closer on the rules for hurt locker and I stumbled over this:

    But the Blast Area trait isn't divided up by slashes in the chart. So was the "ground zero" zone removed in the final product or is it and error in the chart, and if so, what is the actual radius of ground zero on the weapons?...
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