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  • unnatural1
    replied to All Myths Are True - My Cosmology
    Agreed. Especially when one considers that Hindu myth has a story about a Band of Deva Scions conquering Greece and Rome literally just for the lulz?...
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  • unnatural1
    replied to Scion like fiction
    ​Rick Riordan's books are VERY Scion-like. Any of his stories will work, just make sure you're starting at the beginning of one of his chronicles. He's got a lot of story arcs, so make sure you're not buying the third book of a chronicle or something.

    ​If you're looking for gay representation, he's incorporated several gay characters into his stories thus far. In one of his most recent series, he just introduced a gender fluid transgendered character named Alex Fiero, and she's AWESOME. Seriously. Best character in the series. For that one, look for the "Magnus Chase and...
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