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  • You are most welcome and I hope this helps. Another helpful thing was printing the PDF so I could write in the margins without marking up my actual book.
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  • ThomasM
    replied to What was your first WoD game?
    Werewolf: the Apocalypse 1st Edition. I heard about it from friends who played Vampire and picked it up. I was in college at the time and probably read it (and the supplements as they came out) more than all of my textbooks. While the subsequent editions are far superior mechanically, the first edition core book was the most engrossing by far and really touched a nerve in my angry young self.

    Interestingly enough, I played that first Garou in a Mage game, and that sparked my love of Mage and Sorcerer characters.
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  • [Realms of Pugmire] Adventures for Curious Cats, Murder Most Foul

    I just finished running the first module in Adventures for Curious Cats, Murder Most Foul, and have some feedback. This is for prospective Guides as well as for Eddy and the writers. If you have run this module I would love to hear how it went for you and whether or not you encountered the same issues we did.

    Overview: We ran the gamut of 5E experience from those who play it weekly, to those with some familiarity, to those with no experience whatsoever. Everyone picked up the system relatively quickly and all really enjoyed the experience. The players immersed themselves right...
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