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  • Almarck
    replied to Amechra's Homebrew Hub
    There's a number of options amechra wrote for my Mechs subsystem.i think PROJECT Ymir and this one option to turn yourself into a half mechanical Cyborg.
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  • Well Alien Covenant happens really soon. So to get the ready force them to watch it before hand..

    We also have the option of just labeling the Alien as some weird precursor thing..... afterall Engineer are, despite their... well, limitations older than life on Earth...
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  • Effects of Xenomorph impregnation oh various splats.

    So... Alien: Covenant is going to be going out soon and a poster I saw made me wonder about how it would work with... less than human creatures since Xenomorph canonically have changes based on their host.

    So some questions.
    Assuming that a face hugger somehow managed to impregnate a supernatural, how badly would the... birth affect it? What means of getting rid of are available to a supernatural? What complications are probably going to arrise due to the strange nature of some supernatural beings and their powers? (All of the undead ones have certain.... quucks i wager)...
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