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  • ElfSpeaker
    replied to Chronicle Report
    While prepping for my session next week, I realized that I hadn't posted last month's sessiong: https://orichalcumsouls.obsidianport...sts/session-13
    • Drac makes another deal with the Raksh
    • Kaveh departs for good
    • Zakiti is taught a lesson about hubris, though whether she learns it remains to be seen
    • More is revealed about the Mask of Winters and a wild plan is conceived
    • A story thread from A Vision of Things to come rears its head
    There were a lot of great roleplaying moments between the characters and NPCs as well.

    I have a little more on Five Days Darkness to share...
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  • ElfSpeaker
    replied to Dreaming Sea Notes
    This stuff is great and I'll take pieces of it as inspiration in my own Dreaming Sea campaign. I'd love to hear more about your take on Y'danna.
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  • ElfSpeaker
    replied to Ammunition Check survey
    I'm generally in the neither track though it depends on the weapon. Our knife wielding sorceress tracks them individually (only a few knives) and our archer carries enough that it's never been an issue so we don't track it.
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