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  • Kerredai
    replied to Ask the Devs
    So, the new Cloud-Treading Method is much more restrictive than it was in either of the previous two editions: 5m per use, Instant duration, and you have to end turn on solid footing.

    May I ask what the rationale for this was? Is it just that the longer durations of previous editions aren't needed with the abstract nature of range bands? Was having it at a longer duration just too good?
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  • I am super not a lawyer, but this sounds like the kind of thing that's, you know, illegal. And fraudulent. If I were you, I'd consider talking to the local Veterinary Medical Board or other licensing agency -- the threat of losing their license might make the vet in question inclined to refund you for the unnecessary procedures.

    (Or, you know, talk to an actual lawyer and not some Internet weirdo. It just seems like you must have *some* recourse here. Because there's no way that's above-board.)...
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