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  • Another hot topic in the past

    I and other were in favour of the idea that almost everything is a Frenzy threat for a vampirebut not everything requires a roll to resist to it if you want to.
    Let's make an example: your prey is escaping? That's for sure something that make you frustrated or hungry, not enough to threat your ability to maintain the control but enough to be able to free your beast if you wish.
    Same if you are fighting but still not hurted.

    Beast is always lurking from the very deep of the vampire shadows waiting for anything to be able to...
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  • Everything that causes as much aggravated damages as the healt boxes. That includes even normal damages since they can be uplifted to lethal and then aggravated everytime that the healt bar is full with previous type of damages.
    Cutting the kindred body in minutes pieces has exactly this effect: dealing tons of damages until they reach full aggravated.
    Let's say that a torpid vampire is defensless and can be killed if you are aware to not stop until it starts to decompose.
    But a active vampire is a different story if it has high resilence that allows him to ignore damages even...
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  • That rule would make Celerity interrupt the same of Celerity Initiative Jumps more or less. And by the way, as I interpret initiative, I don't like this rule because for me Initiative stands for who is faster in acting, and if I act first I shouldn't see what the opponent does, otherwise it would become a reaction not an action....
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  • The question needs to be specific: is anyone hidden here....
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