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  • Even not being a vampire, and in real world, most of the "underground" affairs happens at night for plenty of reasones. That's said, to have a second sheet for a player is honestly not so much of a deal for any willing ST.... Is like having a player more and you could also consider to use an NPC or a simplified sheet

    The beats can be, with a bit of flexibility, still being addressed to the main character (maybe with the exception of those coming from damages or conditions)....
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  • Being covered by clothes already lower the BP level for the purpose of counting damages.
    I think that, going too far through this path would lead to something I really hate when talking of vampires media: vampire covering themselves with solar cream, sunglasses and large coats, being then able to act as normal people.
    Sun must to be what it is for them: anathema. Something to be feared of the most

    Also, acting during day it's already providing from a minimum of 2 dice to 4 dice of penalty just for being active instead to fall asleep.

    I think it works pretty...
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  • I'm probably missing your point here. Why you think there should be the need of a lore adaptation to groom the neonates? I guess that it is really depending of elders' attitude how to deal with neonates and, in any case, time and centuries would teach how to behave to the former neonates more than elders could. I mean: neonates going around messing with masquerade and being disrespectful through their elders would learn that there would be consequences if they survive to the elders anger at all.

    I think becoming an elder is an hard task also in requiem indeed. Some players of mine...
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  • You indeed pointed out some very good point I had forgotten in my topic. I'm not fully aware about difference in clash of whills for other splats, though. Could you pls clarify the main difference?

    2. Totally agreeing on BS. BS is conceptually awesome but really hard time for player to use them. And also as a narrative tool is often hard to be used without forcing the rules

    3. I agree also that Lashing out is often neglected. I'd like to have it more easy go somehow.

    4. I personally don't like too much all the bloodlines which came out so far but few of them...
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