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  • I love it. A possible psi-hating vitakinetic creates a suite of organisms that can detect (by way of attraction), neutralize (by disrupting connection to psi) or wholesale terminate (by seeking out only individuals with a particular connection to psi [or quantum or whatever we're calling the ability of the inspired]) the sub-species. Wow. Totally could be an interesting way to branch your timeline or just create a really deep, action-packed long-term campaign....
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  • I love a multiverse-spanning Aeon. I wonder if there's an "Earth Prime" in this and they're directing the alternate worlds. Like there's exactly only one Maxwell Mercer and he flits between them all. I kinda dig a version of this that one of the Aeons went amuck (maybe Michael Donighal takes the reins) and is creating a pan-reality empire with their learned dictatorship and master of arcane energies (flux, quantum, psi) at the top....
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  • Apropos of nothing, but do we know what the last phases of the OP Kickstarters usually look like? Do they close really strong? While I for sure want the Weapons stretch goal, I'm beyond excited for the Nihonjin Superiors. I pitched another bit in to that end but I'm curious if it's money well spent based on previous campaigns....
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