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  • Thanks for the rec on Ultra. American Way is really good. I really liked the limited run COWL. It's about a world in which superheroes are a unionized arm of the police force and subsequently ran out of super crimes to solve so the regular cops and supers don't get along and some of the supers have to come up with a reason to justify their expense to the city. Great artwork too....
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  • A few of you have mentioned this, but I like using the Ultimates universe as inspiration. There's a couple of limited runs that I like too: New Universal (Starbrand - already mentioned), Absolution (fairly low level heroes are all adjuncts of the police), Black Summer (all powers use advanced physics and technology to circumvent the standard laws of the universe), No Hero (a psychedelic breakthrough in the 60s led to world-changing individuals operating outside of the structure of first world powers), WildStorm (particularly StormWatch and the Authority) and Uber (Nazis discover an alien formula...
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