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  • I feel like I was one of 9 people who really, really enjoyed The Man From UNCLE film. Cold War era spy stuff is a personal favorite. I really tried to like SpyCraft - and they worked their asses off on the game - but I think that Talents could populate such fantastic setting under the OP/StoryPath rules. Secret societies, terrorism, alphabet agencies run amok, conspiracies, nuclear brinksmanship, Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra, the space race and a car or two that can go underwater.

    I'm also a dork for samurai - SIGN ME UP FOR YOUR NEWSLETTER, No One Of Consequence....
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  • Love these two ideas.

    The former reminds me of a synergy of Black Summer and No Hero. Geniuses interested in exploring the human condition, push boundaries and ultimately coming to a head with the authorities. I was a big fan of Heroes Reborn as well as the Ultimates. I don't think the second happens without the first.

    The Exiles idea is great too. Reminds me of Black Science. While having real in-universe repercussions is satisfying, there's something pretty fun about being trouble-shooters flitting around the soft spots in the multiverse. Really, really...
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