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  • Horodrigo
    started a topic Technology and how to use it?

    Technology and how to use it?

    I'm trying to come with a gadget to use on my libertine.
    It is a Smart Glasses, one avaiable on the market, with a few upgrades.

    My character created a Algorythm that searches trought Databases online trying to find the person based on it's facial signature.
    Once the target is found, a brief confirmation screen appears and them the device starts scanning the peoples public online information.
    It browses searching for things like: Name, E-mails, Sites where the person have registered, etc.

    The final result is a clean frame telling the following informations:...
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  • [Help] Making "The Guild" as a Mystery Cult.

    Raiding is like a Religion, or at least is that how the Guild sees it.

    The concept is soo much awesome that I wanted to create the advantages for it.
    It is on the Appendix One (page 300).

    The True: The Guild is an Experiment to Create Truth(A Hallow).

    The Cultists are: Only some of the Guild members are the oft-maligned, basement video-gaming troglodytes. Many of them are high-functioning members of the tech or creative industries,
    with well-placed positions in competitive businesses (which may be what gives them the force of will and skill set...
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  • I'm playing a Transhuman Engineer on a game and I would like to know if it is possible to have a sort of mobile Hallow.
    The idea was to create a complex hardware that pumps mana from the internet, but I don't know if the application is indeed possible.
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