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  • This was the follow up for when Autochthon attempted to return...

    The rogue Primordial who sided with humanity in the Great War. In those final days of Creation, it saw the coming end of times, The Sundering. After laying its child into an egg in the world to come, the nascent God Machine, it recalled its people, sending messages out through its servants, the Alchemical Exalted. While large groups remained trapped in Creation when door was closed, most managed to get back to their cities within the ancient being.
    It should be noted that one of the primary reasons for the attack...
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  • Weird idea I had for combining Exalted into Chronicles...

    So this was a possible timeline I came up with for my City document for my Chronicles of Darkness world ... its a work in progress... but there were ideas like what if the primoridals were the primal gods of myth? or what if Father Wolf was actually a Lunar and his children as well? Other ideas rolled about. Here's what I wrote, about 2 years back, so its likely out of date .. but with events in the world now putting me at home .. I brushed off the dust from the writing files...

    The World Before
    - It was an age of wonders, an age of magic, an age of sorrows, a time of exaltation....
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  • Walksforever
    started a topic Kult Divinity Lost

    Kult Divinity Lost

    Anyone else got this RPG and looked at possibly blending it into Chronicles of Darkness... so its ideas work for Mage quite well. Not sure if I've asked this before. I've been away for a long time from the forums, but with the working from home .. i thought I might remedy some of my forum watching, posting and such .. maybe even try to get the City done.
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