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  • Here's sorta what i am working with at the moment.
    Before the sundering
    An age of wonders, an age of magic, an age of sorrows, a time of exaltation.

    It is easy to see how one could blend this into the pre-sundered myth. When we look at the information that the various books have given us of time and we hear of a world where spirits interacted freely with the mortal realm, of spirit gods, primordial entities, powerful magics, dragons, supernatural people and creatures. Sounds like Exalted to me.

    Pre history
    The Sundering...
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  • interesting idea...
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  • I have one that I developed (still developing tbh) as I am slowly writing up The City ... some of it is already done, such as how Arcadia of the Fae works into the CoD and other things. I have worked in the Aion universe to an extent and even parts of the Exalted and Scion ... still working on the blend .. but i will get there ... sadly due to work and other life events .. depression kills your urge to write i find, i am lagging horribly on getting The City done but i still pick away at it as new stuff comes out....
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  • Walksforever
    started a topic Sunless Sea and Fallen London

    Sunless Sea and Fallen London

    I am fan of both, and big fan of Sunless Sea. I often think how well the Chronicles of Darkness would work in this setting.

    The description of Fallen London seems to fit quite nicely...

    " The eponymous bazaar of the game is a sentient being. It is curated by several Masters, each with their own control over Fallen London's business (Mr Apples, for instance, controlling agriculture, while Mr Fires rules industry). The monarch of the city, Her Enduring Majesty the Traitor Empress, sold the city to the bazaar to spare the life of her husband Albert, Prince C...
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