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  • CrownedSun
    replied to Things One Can No Longer Do In Scion
    If the building where the fight was held in is a burning frozen ruin at the end of the battle, it's definitely the Band's fault, no excuses.

    The Scion of Sun Wukong maybe shouldn't be in charge of the band...

    a., not even when the Scion of Athena isn't available..

    b. Especially not if her Rakshashi best friend is with her! I mean, come on!
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  • CrownedSun
    replied to Ask Neall
    How much does an Immortal Knack cost in terms of XP?

    The general consensus at the moment seems to be that "a knack is a knack is a knack," and all knacks cost 10xp each. Heroic or Immortal. You still have to have two dots of calling to slot an Immortal Knack and make it "active" though.

    ...if this is the case..

    Do you start with "five dots worth of knacks" at character creation, or "five knacks".

    If you elect to get two bonus knacks, instead of +4 birthright dots, can you purchase two immortal knacks? Or...
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