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  • Mentioned in a table in the revised Tremere Clanbook is a number of Houses of Tremere in tradition to their origins from being in the Hermetic Orders. One of these Houses is called High Saturday (pg.32) that practices Voudoun and Necromancy. It even says something about allowing non Tremere into the fold, though I'm not quite sure what that means.
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    replied to Resurrecting A Vampire
    Wow...this thread has me so nostalgic. Back 20 years ago I had a Ventrue that went just through this arc. He started as an Inquisitor Holy Knight in the Dark Ages where he got Embraced. He continued his righteous crusade against vampires as a self loathing hunter until the 1800's where he just went into the sun due to the fatigue of unlife. For an unknown reason he lingered as a Wraith for a few centuries to the modern era, trying for penance for his past existence. Turns out the reason for his continued existence was a subconscious knowledge that a treachery was done that finally came to light....
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