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  • Not entirely - but the VE are trying to make it that way.

    It weirds me out that places like Mars are both beyond the Horizon (and thus in theory Umbral in nature) but also have a Penumbra of their own. So I simplify it by saying that everything beyond the atmosphere/Horizon is Umbral, but that the VE are trying to format it all into an empty vacuum while also reinforcing the Consensus that you enter this Umbra by flying upwards. So as it becomes Conventional Space, it is less and less like Umbra; it doesn't do interesting things, you don't reach it by stepping sideways, etc. -...
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  • I've evolved my own interpretation to replace the one in the books.

    Back when the Order of Reason first got going, the proto-VE was divided into two groups - the Celestial Masters and the Void Seekers. The Void Seekers traveled the mundane world, discovering new lands and peoples, and claiming them in the name of wherever they came from. The Celestial Masters explored the Umbra instead - first by sailing ships "straight" rather than following the curve of the Earth, and therefore up into the sky, and later by flying airships directly upwards. So - their method for Umbral...
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