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  • I guess wasn't clear, my apologies. I wanted the dawn court to be a court that would be a part of the seasonal court structure, meaning that along with the seasonal courts taking power at different times of year, dawn would be somewhere in the mix as well, sorry for not making that simpler.

    Jakondite that's a really interesting point, and it makes me kind of rethink what I had in mind. I was envisioning a dawn court that had grown complacent from prosperity. They fought their battles and made their sacrifices and believe that they've made a place that's as good and safe for changelings...
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  • Something I've been wondering is when would the dawn or dusk courts hold power? I'm working on a freehold where the dawn court is going to be one of the most powerful, but I can't think of when they would actually hold the freeholds throne in comparison to the seasonal courts. Can anyone help me out?
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