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    They say the pen is mightier than the sword. That's garbage of course-I wouldn't bring a pen to a sword fight. No, the trick of it is, a pen in the right hand can make sure your enemy can't even summon up the will to lift their sword in the first place. Then you can drive the pen through their eye, if you really insist on getting physical.

    The gentry are ego personified. They revel in self aggrandizement-how can you not, they say, when the very ground you walk on thanks you for the honor? But of course, being great is never enough-people have to know you're great. Of...
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  • Hey guys and gals, I'm working on a conversion for the Author Kith and I'm hoping the combined wisdom of the forums will be able to help me out. So far the exceptional success bonus was easy (ES's are brought down to 3 instead of 5 whenever the changeling rolls to use expression for writing) but I can't come up with the kiths trickery. I'm leaning towards convincing people through writing, but that doesn't seem quite right. Other options I'm considering are letting her understand the meaning of any piece of writing or maybe let her have 9 or even 8 again on writing rolls.

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