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  • I just imagined a group of Alastor coming for Ur-Shulgi or Baba Yaga..... and I find it hilarious. They both are demigodlike in power and capacities, and would wipe most of everything thrown at them (Nictuku apart). Most of the time, what I saw on the red list were individuals whose antics were detrimental to all kindred (aka Infernalists and the like, deluded fourth generation murderhobos, and so on ), not just the Camarilla. In fact, the red list would have been a thing organized by both Sabbat and Camarilla together that it wouldn't surprise me.
    But for Theo, yes, just the humiliation...
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  • You don't need many books for that, just one would be sufficient. One that would allow to craft a chronicle of Ages with the rules sustaining the progression in PC it would entail. That's part of the problem I see for the future : How can one do a chronicle of ages if at the point of the Beckoning all your efforts to attain some powers (and I don't mean only disciplines stuff) is rendered moot because your only choices are to be diminished in some capacity, hopelessly embroiled in the gehenna wars in the middle-east or eating every neonates from your area to satiate your delirious hunger ?........
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