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  • Knowbody
    replied to Crossover Question - High Speech
    Yeah, High Speech isn't really a conversational language so much as a "language" for describing Supernal concepts in order to bring them into Fallen reality. It's only useful for spellcasting and nobody knows it as a native tongue so it wouldn't do demons any good.
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  • Knowbody
    replied to Sell me on the orders
    A good shorthand for interaction between virtually all of the mage factions is that all sides are trying to avoid mutually assured destruction. Every mage is a potential nuclear explosion waiting to happen; even if you catch your rival/enemy unawares and manage to kill them, odds are they have more than a few friends who are all just as capable and now very pissed at whoever splattered their friend.

    (That's not to say that there isn't actual magical combat, but structures like the Consilium exist to first prevent open conflict by peacefully resolving disputes whenever possible, and...
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  • Knowbody
    replied to Pitch me your campaign ideas
    There was a setting book for 1E called Shadows of the UK (technically Werewolf was the primary focus but I believe there were a few bits about mages) you could mine for characters and setting ideas if you're stumped. That being said...

    - London is among the most surveilled cities in the world, so I imagine Panopticon is well represented among the local Seer population.

    - Merlin (of Camelot lore) is generally accepted in the setting to have been an Acanthus Silver Ladder turned Archmaster who Ascended. There are bound to be magically significant sites throughout the UK...
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