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  • That is only if you do it with brainwash tricks, I’m talking about falsifying evidence which won’t get erased by mists. So if you go on epic dreaming voyage to take a trod to mars and build a secret catacomb on Mars, you know out of actual stones, then that just creates nutzo dreamfuel when the world finds out. Thing is you need to prevent conspiracies from covering it up, so arrange for things like live reveals, which the technocracy at least has safeties built around for, but many other conspiracies like the Cam would not likely be able to stop.
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  • Both Post and Pre reckoning this will only delay their return.

    I would point out there are ways to eat Mummies to permanent Death. Redcaps for instance seem tie their supernatural digestion to some sort of primordial abyss/oblivion, so if a Redcap ate a Mummy, its not going to the Redcap's poop... its gone. And if something like an Akuma or other Soul Eater full on Eats a Mummies souls it is gone. Atom Bombs destroying a mummies body atom by atom is powerful enough to brute force destroy their return but they are still spirits, and in the World of Darkness Unnaming is very similar...
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  • Eldagusto
    replied to The Early Story
    Check out Analects of the Third Garden it does a great job of tying together the lore from all three Prop books (Book of Nod/Eurciyes Fragments/Chronicles of the Dark Mother) and adds in its own Lore.

    But they contradict sometimes on the timeline in the books. It also seems the 2nd city was built on the ruins of the First. so the First City was of the extinct Ghemal culture (which Vampiric Enochian is a transliteration of Ghemlish). The Second City was around the Black Citadel of Caine, and can sometimes be referred to as Ubar, they also half imply it was where the legend of Irem...
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  • Where do we want the Land of Eight Million Dreams to go in the Future?

    So what do we want out of the Hsien? What kind of Products do we want, explaining what about them? As I have brought up before I would be interested in more Arts, I know the current arts are pretty self contained but I feel we have room to expand, as only 6 powers for a whole section of the Worlds fae is limiting... I would like the fleshing out of the Courts brought up in C20, I really like how for instance we have two types of infernal Hsien those who fall to the Yama Kings and those who chose to be their own independent Demons. I want some example locals and the regional Hsien. I want info...
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  • Second Resurgence: Faking Alien Life

    So the moon landing was a renaissance plus for the Fae so what about if the Fae planned to arrange another glamour resurgence. The obvious choice is to reveal the supernatural, they don't need to reveal changelings exist, they could just screw over vampires. But they may not want to do that to avoid themselves being outed, or retribution.

    So what if they decide to fake alien life? So say Concordia or even an alliance of Kingdoms work on a massive plan to spike curiosity of alien, likely intelligent life? They could do a number of things.

    They could fake Seti messages....
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