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  • Do Mages think of themselves as Mages?

    This is something that always bothered / confused me about the setting, so I was hoping people with more experience with the game could help me out.

    Do Mages think of themselves as Mages, and it makes me struggle with the setting regardless of the answer. The Traditions know of each other, and can work together. Which means they can continuously see other people with powers of their own, utilizing them in a completely different way. Do they all believe the others power source exists? A Virtual Adept can see someone calling on their God and getting aid, as well as someone using spell...
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  • Vulcan7200
    started a topic Question about spell casting

    Question about spell casting

    I had a question regarding spell casting, and the tables given in the book. There's one chart that gives you suggested amount of successes. For example, creating a Firestorm is suggested at 4. There's also the Damage and Duration chart as well. My question is, do you use both charts, or do just split the Damage and Duration between the 4 successes suggested in the first chart?

    For example:

    You want to create a Firestorm that does 6 Damage for the scene. Do you roll with just 4 successes needed, with the first chart? Or do you need 4 successes, +4 more for the Damage /Duration...
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