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  • Vulcan7200
    started a topic Kitsune Magic/Sorcerery

    Kitsune Magic/Sorcerery

    A question for people who might know more about Fera.

    The Changing Breeds book and the Wiki mention Kitsune and them having sorcery and hedge magic. However it never seems to go into more detail about any of it. Is there any more information out there about how it works or more specifically about what exactly they do?
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  • Vulcan7200
    replied to Why do you like WtA?
    Personally, I love the spiritual nature of the Garou. As a person, I love being in nature, and seeing the beauty of the Earth. Having a setting where the Earth is literally alive, and your purpose is to protect that speaks to me. The fact that it's also mixed with a horror setting, which happens to be my favorite genre just doubles up on two things that I've always appreciated.

    I also feel like Werewolf allows for a large variety of subject matter for storylines. You can have internal or external Sept politics. You can have the body horror/slash em up style of gameplay. You...
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  • How long does Rite of the Opened Caern last?

    I'm looking at Rite of the Opened Caern, and if it's done after the Moot Rite, it lasts until after the Revel. However I can't find anything about how long it lasts if performed at any other time. The Rite also says you get the Caern's rank as a bonus to whatever the Caern is, however on Page 310 it seems to indicate number of successes is what you get as a bonus. Does anyone know which is correct and if I'm just missing something?
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