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  • Meianno Yuurei
    replied to Arms of the Chosen
    The idea, I think, is that specifics can be defined by the ST while broad strokes give you an idea.

    What I absolutely love is that it's like a giant apology letter for WotLA. Four weapons, one armor, and a frickin' WARSTRIDER, forged by Sidereals -- where WotLA forgot that Sidereals could actually craft. And Oadenol reveal aaaaaaa. A giant apology in the form of a backflip with two middle fingers firmly raised.
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  • Ya. And unless you decided they were wielding Death at the Root or something there's nothing saying that Mr. Overconfident DB's weapon was anything more than a relatively typical one, a 3-dot with only some useful but relatively mundane evocations, which helps counterbalance the other players' expenditure on Gnomon or Stormcaller.

    If that's not good enough, maybe rule that a claimed artifact is reluctant to yield its' evocations to the person who MURDERED ITS' LAST WIELDER and will need some effort to use it as anything more than a slightly [+1 acc, +3 damage, +2-4 Overwhelming] better...
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