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  • It got an appendix which ported over the surface level idea. It really didn't port over anything deeper because that was pretty much impossible. Orpheus was a game with completely different themes, rules, and metaphysics and they don't translate well to Wraith.

    The idea of projectors does, though, which is all we need for the purposes of this thread.
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  • Those second two questions are definitely the stuff of Orpheus.

    For the first, I suppose it is possible given the right story, but it is such a different thing I would approach it whole cloth rather than trying to adapt the Risen. Knowing enough about the Shadow and the Risen to try this involves a lot of esoteric knowledge....
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  • Ramnesis
    replied to Exp and age
    Since this is very much a function of how powerful the wraith started, how active they've been, and how much Oblivion has worn away at them, I think you've got a lot of room to maneuver here. I think your 15 to 20 XP works as well as anything else. You could probably also cash in dots in Passions or Corpus for extra XP if you feel the need.

    I once ran a game with a 500 year old wraith who was slumbering in his fetter (a castle) when it was disassembled and moved to America. That was our explanation for why he lost so much of his power. It was pure narrative convenience, but that...
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