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  • Darksol-aeternium
    replied to Quantum Demographics
    True enough I suppose. Though a larger assortment of combat power sets in response to perceived threat and oppression would probably lead to a glut of combat novas wherever victimhood (whether real or imagined) has become the new vogue culture......
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  • Darksol-aeternium
    started a topic Quantum Demographics

    Quantum Demographics

    I started to place this one back under the "If Galatea Happened today" topic, but that's over 3 years old by now.

    Mulling over Nihilist's useful statistics of real-world nova demographics left me thinking; of the total numbers of novas erupting over the given period of time, how many in a given population could be assumed to have combat-worthy power sets? The question came to me when thinking (for purposes of a home-game) about how many novas India and China have. A lot of the novas in India were thought to be out in the rural villages and such being worshiped as gods...
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