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  • Scripture's bizarre Information Manipulation power is actually in the APG on pg. 115, but it doesn't actually have any ability to directly command people, it alters the meaning of information whether spoken or written/typed. The Terat splatbook included a blurb from Leviathan where he described an argument the terats got into one day and Scripture in frustration forced everyone to speak in tounges till they settled down and agreed. The power mentions that it gives an escalating penalty whenever the person you're communicating with has taint (especially mental taint), so Scripture acting as Mal's...
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  • Wish I'd have seen this a couple of years ago. But this will do as the base document.

    Now, given this, do you think the message would change much for the new era? I wasn't sure if Divis was still going to be around, so I'd be curious as to how Scripture or Orzaiz (the only other two I'd trust to write something this important) might word this message.
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  • Darksol-aeternium
    started a topic Null Manifesto Revisions

    Null Manifesto Revisions

    We get like 2 snippets of this all-important document in the canon writings, have you ever had the idea of writing the entire document out to where players could read it in full?

    Even better; how would you revise or edit the Null Manifesto if you were going to write it yourself?
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  • -Speaking of military and elites, will we see more details about the larger nations' military nova teams (Column Shiva, EHM, America's unnamed nova ops , etc...)

    -Taint mechanics; Is it still hard to gain and next to impossible to lose without massive downtime?

    -Obviously people will want to know about a coherent invention/gadgeteering system.

    -Any possibility they might load all the powers into a single book rather than spread them out among splatbooks?

    -Any changes to Directive member nations or structure? Seemed like the original members...
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