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  • Chris Wilson
    replied to Obtenebration Uses?
    Try using Shadow Play while in Tenebrous Form as a cheap man's Obfuscate. With a little craft or Performance roll you could trail a target as their shadow or hide in plain sight as the shadow of a plant.
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  • I can see the sheer scale and clash of commands set by the multitude of unleashings creating some sort of backlash or Wylde Storm whether the majority of unleashings were successful or not. As a consequence reality might become very warped. Other types of consequences could be:

    Groundhog Day Effect that lasts until the battle never starts to begin with.
    Wylde Storm. The Wylde as Sentient.
    Interchanging of the Dreaming and the Dreaming
    A permanent Fog that steals people memories
    The Dreaming becoming unstable

    I'm sure others have more and better...
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