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  • Aside from the outdated troupe of magical gypsies, I have always had a problem with how the Ravnos were portrayed. The idea that the Ravnos were rootless and outcast, to the point of being every Prince's scapegoat, never really worked for me. It is hard for a PC to pull of a treatment when accused of a crime and run off. The curse never really worked for the base lore presented in the Book of Nod. The Anda curse did the forced wandering better. I love the Ravnos and the treatment given to them in Revised but as others have said prior, they were cool in India,...
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  • One of the ways to make your elders and Methuselahs more potent without having to create extensive house rules is to make liberal use of Criticals. Elders and Methuselahs are 1. more likely to have high level skills and attributes and 2. have all those nice bonus dice to use their powers. The chance they will roll a crit is pretty good. I got the impression that the benefits of a Crit, beyond the extra successes, was to allow a skill or discipline to act better than normal. The idea gets some weight because the new Oblivion powers in Cult of the blood Gods specifically spells out the effects a...
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  • I do not think the divide between Anarch and Camarilla should be limited to Western Ravnos and Indian Ravnos. I think a case can be made that the clan has a serious divide between those who want to explore self determination (Rebels) and those who wish to reinforce fate (Arbators). I totally agree that the Ravnos clan should be divorced from being the clan of Gypsies. On the other hand I see no problem with the Ravnos clan including elements of India and Romani culture much as the Gangrel do with the Brag or the calling of a great gather. These things can add flavour and if done in the same manner...
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