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  • Chris Wilson
    replied to WIR 5E Anarchs
    This sounds like how some old clan Tzimisce rule their enclaves....
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  • A little long. A little Meta. Please forgive me.
    Etrius. Agent of the Many Eyed Wyrm.
    Saulot, the Many Eyed Wyrm, did not perish with the collapse of the Tremere Prime Chantry. Instead, Earth, rubble and warped wards trapped the Antediluvian deep beneath the streets of Vienna. When the Second Inquisition attacked and the chantry fell, the Many Eyed Wyrm exerted itself and saved the life of Etrius. Etrius tried to escape to Tremere using the ritual escape to a True Friend but the ritual was rebuffed. Etrius’ blood bond broke as he realized Tremere had abandoned him and left...
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