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  • Of note, Baba Yaga has made alliances with several "demons" notably the tzmei and koschei. Some of her magic may run more to the dark side. It was not uncommon for shamans to learn some of their magic from a spirit, ancestor or guide. Baba Yaga may have learned some of her thaum from the "devils" she summoned. That, of course is only speculation....
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  • I have only listened to the first couple of episodes so far. I find the play style, alongside The Sacrifice, emphasizes personal tragedy. Fits nicely into the "game of personal and political horror" of V5. It is, in tone, very different from LA by Night. I enjoy both very much but I find I need breaks when listening to the Sacrifice or CotBG. I am wimp when it comes to horror and suspense stuff....
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