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  • Nephilim were the Damphyr children of Zillah and a Fallen.
    The crooked man is a Nosferatu kindred society has forgotten due to Obfuscate. The crooked man sold out the Cainites of Scotland to Mithras for a favour. The bent coin and the poem are a reminder of the debt.
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  • I do not know if Lysander is the cair of the Ephore. Lysander was at least a Mawla to Hardestadt if not the puppet master when the Cam first formed. The Cam, I would suggest, is his baby. In the dog eat dog world of kindred politics, nothing is stopping someone like Camilla from stealing Lysander's position, though. I would suggest, however Camilla is unlikely to be in charge of the ephore. The Roman empire was a very long time ago and Camilla's fall from the Road of King's (if any are aware of his fall) would be a large black mark against him holding a leading position on the counsel.
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  • I am not sure who would rise to be the voice of the Ventrue on the Inner Counsel but I am sure that Lysander will pick someone expendable... I mean powerful. Lysander may take direct control, however unlikely. The powers and influence available to a Methuselah could allow him to direct the Ventrue from afar.

    Just as a side note, Isn't this the third time that some middle aged Brujah killed some really old Ventrue during a Gehenna cycle? When do you think the Ventrue will notice the pattern?

    Do you think the new Ventrue Inner Counsel member. whoever it may be, will call...
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