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  • Here is a pair I have been working on -

    Goremouth is an infamous Troll, known to prey upon Changelings, humans, hedge beasts and even other hobgoblins in order to sate his vast appetite. The beast can track his prey by scent and prefers to drag what he captures back to his lair. While he most often devours his meals raw, he occasionally enjoys cooking his meals first, and keeps an enormous brass stewpot. He is lean and powerfully muscular, with disproportionately long arms that give him a lopping gait. His wide mouth is filled with sharp teeth, his hands end in sharp nails,...
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  • and another!

    Coach-Whip Sally
    The hobgoblin known as Coach-Whip Sally drives an enchanted stagecoach pulled by a team of fey steeds along the many twisting paths from Arcadia and through the Hedge (and back). She is a clever and mercurial creature, and once her price is paid, always carries her passenger to their destination. However, one must be careful – rude passengers or those who welsh on the agreed payment may find themselves dumped in the more hostile regions of the Hedge, or delivered back into the waiting hands of the True Fae. She appears as a middle aged woman...
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  • RE: Hobgoblins

    I have been looking forward to these rules! Posted below is a horror from my files, updated to use the Hobgoblin rules.

    The Dullahan
    The Dullahan is a fey creature known to be a herald of death, and its arrival portends that death will arrive soon after. They travel across the roads and paths that cross domains in Arcadia and the Hedge, venturing into the mortal world only when called by the impending demise of those marked by Fate. They can claim the souls of the recently deceased, spiriting them away for unknown purposes. The Dullahan are typically tall
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  • Reighnhell
    replied to Deviant: the Renegades
    I get the impression from the material released thus far, that the power given to the remade will always be something more significant. A prosthetic limb or relatively minor ability like darkvision would likely not be enough to warrant the character being the target of a Conspiracy.
    (Unless the limb was taken from a extra dimensional entity that still has some control over it, or the darkvision also allows one to see a persons sins...)
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