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  • Reighnhell
    replied to The Horror Show
    Re: The Tormented Ash Knight

    The first thing I do when I come up with my flavor text is to create a history or background for the character, even if the actual writing only alludes to portions of this backstory. With the details you have in his stats, I see a questing Knight that served under Charlemagne in the late 700's. Under orders of the Church, he and his band of warriors rode into a village rumored to be rife with heresy and degeneracy. What they found was horror. A Chthonic thing trapped on the wrong side of the shroud, tainting the laws of Life and Death wherever treads....
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  • Reighnhell
    replied to [CofD] DIY Mystery Cults
    Some thread don't die, they go into Torpor!

    While I can't speak for the other contributors, the way I make use of cults is for world building and setting texture.

    When running chronicles of darkness, I like playing up the fact that the world is scary, mysterious, and (most importantly) weird. Conspiracies, Cults, Secret Societies, and Government Experiments are all things players can unwittingly stumble into. I can use them as allies, antagonists, bizarre scenery, or story seeds when I am having a hard time coming up with a good plot for the session.

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