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  • Re: The Metropolitan Knights Development

    Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't considered a "Knight's Templar" angle, but there is some good material there. I was thinking of putting in more about the organization becoming more of a cult of personality and the founder Captain Wallace digs deeper into strange rituals as a way of evening the odds against supernatural menaces, and becoming increasingly paranoid about outsiders.

    Re: Sunset Operations

    Up next is a Conspiracy I originally conceived of after reading the novel Vampire$ by John...
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  • Re: Night Watch

    Apparently, I really need to re-read alot of first edition Hunter supplements - feels like all the good ideas have been done! With this in mind, I will likely revisit this write up to see if I can expound on the differences.
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  • Re: The Metropolitan Knights

    Here is a group what is based on the idea of a organization like the Guardian Angels picking up the vigil. I was tempted to mention that the majority makeup of the group are african-american and latino, but I decided the group felt more open if I didn't tie them to a particular ethnicity. Let me know what you folks think.
    The Metropolitan Knights
    Knights of the Concrete Kingdom

    Quote: “Not on my block.”
    The Metropolitan Knights are a civic organization that walks the line between neighborhood watch and vigilante group. The...
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  • RE: Maiden's Blood Sisterhood

    Truth be told, I completely forgot about the Maiden's Blood Sisterhood when I was writing up Sigma Lambda Rho. After reading back over the MBS, I can see the overlap. I have a mind to add in a bit more to ΣΛΡ about them opposing cults and slashers (I originally envisioned them as a sorority of "final girls"). Considering how 2nd Edition posits the history of the Vigil as Compacts and Conspiracies expand, contact, rise and fall all the time, MBS would likely see ΣΛΡ as a) upstarts in way over their heads or b) a great place to recruit from....
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