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  • I think the benefit to Fate is that with so much of it being probability manipulation, the sky is the limit to how to describe how something works out. This is true for both positive and negative probability manipulation. You're example is pretty cool. And there are many, many more that can work. One of the simplest ways for hexes to work out is distraction: the person trips, someone calls their name and they turn their head, they stub their toe, a bug flies in their mouth, etc.

    In a positive sense, one way for it to work is if the spellcaster has their mage sight up then they can...
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  • Taidragon Yes, it's true that the term has been used that way, but really it shouldn't be. The problem with it is that normal humans that do the same thing are called occultists. If the reason you're called a sorcerer is because you know a lot about the supernatural then you need to get your title fixed. If you're called a sorcerer because you can DO magic, well then, now your title makes sense, especially if you can do lots of it.

    Honestly, though, your reply is ignoring the main thrust of my question: how many contracts must a changeling know before they are considered magically...
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