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  • Falcon777
    replied to Skill Specialties
    Thanks. That had been bugging me for a little bit.
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  • Falcon777
    started a topic Skill Specialties

    Skill Specialties

    I didn't see this anywhere, but can you have more than one specialty in a skill? It seems to me that by the nature of it being a specialty that you wouldn't be able to, but on the other hand I can think of some specialties that wouldn't necessarily preclude someone from being skilled in more than one focus in a skill.
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  • Firstly, magic is SUPPOSED to be hard for new mages (and oftentimes still is for veterans). It's literally in the design of the game.

    Secondly, my understanding of the game is that yantras that give more than a +1 dice bonus aren't supposed to be easy to acquire. This is why new mages are taught High Speech and the use of magic tools: they're easy to acquire and use. Sure, you can find your place of power that gives a +2 environmental yantra bonus to some spells, and you have your mighty mudra yantras used in rotes, and don't forget about that juicy Shadow Name persona yantra. However,...
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  • Much like other industries, OPP does what it can based on it's budget and manpower. The manpower is partially (mostly?) derived from its budget, which in turn is derived from its customer base. If OPP can't sell enough copies of books of any given game to justify focusing their effort on that game, then they won't focus on that game. That includes the incredible, amazing, astounding, addicting Mage the Awakening game.

    You want to see Mage books come out faster? Convince a hundred people that this game is worth buying the core rulebook (because it is). I want to see Mage books come...
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