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  • Falcon777
    replied to The Paths to Lichdom
    There is one exception to this problem, though, in Mage: an Archmage is capable of visiting the supernal realms for a short time. Also, as far as I can tell the archmage is capable of doing this as many times as he wants so long as no supernal creatures come along to kill/maim/transform him and the environment itself doesn't do it either. Granted, that is using 1e rules for archmastery, but I doubt that such an ability would change between the editions of the game.

    So, personally, I think that an archmage could either get the taste of the supernal that he needs to reject ascension...
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  • Unfortunately they also are capable of falling prey to the darkness as well. It's not for no reason that Mastigos have the Devil as one of their Tarot cards.

    "The tempter, the slave-master and, perhaps, a bringer of enlightenment through pain and suffering, but most often, he represents bondage. Also, power or intelligence applied to self-ish or base ends. The Mastigos Path claims the Devil as its primary card, interpreting it as the temptation that all of them face, the quick and easy path to power available to any mage versed in Mind magic.
    Reversed: Slavery ends; chains...
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  • Goetia, most likely. Or perhaps supernal beings. I could be mistaken, but I believe the point is that Mastigos mages recognize and know the darkness within their own hearts and minds. Knowing that such things have power, they work to use the knowledge and power of that darkness to further themselves. It mostly seems like a description of taking power over one's own oneiros and the beings within.
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  • Apart from the lack of using past tense in a freaking story, your latest addition is INCREDIBLE! I'm eating this up like it's freshly baked bread with butter and an extra large helping of honey on top. MMMMMM!!! EXQUISITE!
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