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  • As a point of interest, you can alter your pattern (usually done with weaving) to give yourself the property of regeneration so that your body will naturally grow back that which it lost. It's slow and obviously won't work if you're trying to grow back the portion of your brain that allows for consciousness (emphasis on your), but in that respect it's superior to the actual Regeneration spell since its effects ARE lasting (obviously you'll drop the spell once you've regrown whatever it is that you need)....
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  • One thing to keep in mind, Livius Magos , is that Mage the Awakening is set within a dark world and is intentionally dark. The game is intentionally a horror game. By that very nature there's going to be things about the line that either seem unrealistic or extreme. You would be correct to point out that they don't just seem that way, they ARE that way. But, of course, that's because it's a horror game: it's intentional.

    Now, that having been said, I think that a lot of what has already been said by everyone else on this thread helps to point out the virtues of the Mastigos path....
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