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  • It is also one of the few Time spells that can use Temporal sympathy because it has been explicitly called out as capable of using that. I would strongly argue that using Temporal sympathy reaches back in time, no matter what kind of spell is doing it. "Much as two subjects may have sympathetic links crossing Space marking how magically related they are, a subject has temporal sympa-thy with its own past selves, which influences magic used with a past version of an object, place, or thing as its subject." (Bolded for emphasis, underlined for double emphasis, taken from the core rule...
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  • I would disagree with Tessie on the peripheral mage sight part. The spell does, in fact, reach back in time to show you what happened, and thus Bernard's peripheral mage sight would ping. Thus he would have the opportunity to cast Shield of Chronos.

    That being said, since I don't have the book right in front of me atm, I couldn't tell you if that's the spell Bernard should want to cast or not.
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  • Falcon777
    replied to What NOT To Do In Changeling?
    Don't forget the warnings about personal issues that the core rule book brings up. Lines and veils are a very good thing (practically necessary) to include in a game that has one of its themes being abuse by alien beings.

    I agree with Banu_Saulot about not including other supernaturals as well; that is, at least so long as you want to keep the themes of Changeling consistent. More than what powers other creatures can bring to the table, having another "full splat" supernatural in the game means that the themes will be diluted. It might be fun eventually, but definitely don't...
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