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  • I feel like I've read from someone official that the number of children a Dynast has is going to be fewer than was implied in 2e, not least because of how incredibly expensive the education of a Dynastic heir is. Like, on one hand, yes, having more children (especially those who become Exalted) is a prestigious thing, to have more than a handful of children will bankrupt your average Dynast. I would imagine there are some exceptions - Mnemon herself, for instance, strikes me as the sort of woman who would be able to have more than the three to five children I typically envision Dynasts having....
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    replied to Tell me your intimacies
    Here're a few off the top of my head for a few of my more recent characters:
    "Perfection in body, soul, and rulership come together." (Defining Principle)
    "Trust not given cannot be betrayed." (Major Principle)
    The Golden Lotus, her mercenary band (Surprised Loyalty) - Major Tie
    Immaculate Philosophy (Confused Disgust) - Minor Tie
    Flight (Soothing) - Minor Tie
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    replied to The Onyx Rolls of Glorious Exalts
    I have several ideas for Exalts - none of them have complete mechanics, but here are a few of the seeds I have knocking about in my head.

    Tepet Yuran, Dawn caste Solar

    A Dynast who was never chosen by the Dragons, Yuran was primed to be sent into a marriage as breeding stock for further potential Exalts. When the Bull of the North annihilated the Tepet Legions, however, the necessity of reinforcement became overwhelming, and the leaders of the House sent Yuran, who was as trained as most Dynasts in battle, to lead a small talon of troops in what remained. While posted
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