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  • thedonnie
    replied to Aberrant - Superhero Fiction
    It has been a trope of DC and Marvel that those companies do exist in their respective universes. They tell stories similar to the whole Law and Order thing of "Based on true stories" thing. When Team Tomorrow stops some high quantum nova who has gone psycho due to pushing his powers too often, then the news covers the facts but it is in the comics that the nova is secretly related to Slider and has a crush on Pax and did this all to get Pax's attention.
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  • From my understanding, each game are just branches of the Continuum meaning that Anima is a point wherein the timeline extends out. The same will be true for Assassin's and so forth and so on.
    This means that any game does not have to fit into the timeline for any game. It just, simply, exists.
    That one thing is what appeals to me since it means that there is no metaplot..a major issue that 1E had.
    With that being said, I do not worry about how this fits into that. I go "Ok, this is just a point where a split occurs" and move on with my life.
    Unless you have...
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  • thedonnie
    replied to Mythos
    I am interested in seeing if I can use Mythos to show me how I could create Titan based Scions and not just Titanspawn. This would make the war even worse or better.
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