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  • HtR was one of my favorite gamelines in WoD.I devoured all the books. I loved them. I loved them due to the Imbued and all the stuff tied to them.The way Edges worked. The whole Messengers being mysterious was always great. Hell, even the fact that their Edges and Second Sight literally broke the powers of the other splats. It was amazing. It made you feel like you -COULD- take back the night, one monster at a time.
    I understand the appeal of fighting a losing war like in Hunters Hunted and Hunter the Vigil. Hell, even in Werewolf the Apocalypse was like that. I get the appeal but I liked...
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  • I brought this up on the Discord but, here is my take:
    So, Masteries seem to be a form of DE. But they also seem to be a result of being a part of a Society. What this is shaping up is that Assassins points to how collective belief can influence the world. That is what is hidden in the subtext of what they have released thus far. Or, at least what I have read from the information released. I think that is what would keep an Assassin from tapping into the Talent based Gifts. See, an Assassin believes in a closed system. "My Society teaches me these Masteries." And a Talent is more...
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  • I am not a fan of the announcement.
    I enjoyed the Imbued and the higher ups are pushing too hard for Chronicles of Darkness 2.0 instead of making World of Darkness 5.0
    But, hey, if people out there enjoy it and want to play this version? Then I wish them all the best and to have many long years of playing.
    My table? I am not even suggesting the game.
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  • I believe that Assassins will be like Titanomachy for Scion. Just released as a book. And I am fine with that. Also, if you look at the MMN, they have not stated KS by the artwork listing for Assassins but they have put it down for Anima. That is not 100% confirmation but it is the closest that we have to insight into what may or may not get kickstarted.
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