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  • thedonnie
    replied to Mixing Things Up
    I do like the idea of it having a non-linear version of time so that I can have it come up in the various eras and then have the killer act like this is sequential to them. Thanks for the idea.

    Yes, you are also right to have it manifest in different ways in various times. In fact, combining the two thoughts means that it changes it's tactics in each era but still serve the same overall goal."So in the 80's, I tried a serial killer, that did not work. I will go ahead and try it one more time in the 2120's. See if that works. No? Okay, well in the 2020's, I will have it be a kindly...
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  • On the XP xchart it lists that the cost to advance a Path is 18 but on page 41 it states that it costs 5 XP.
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  • thedonnie
    started a topic Mixing Things Up

    Mixing Things Up

    I have a bit of an idea to add in some cosmic horror.
    The way the layout is that this is a continuum and each game is it's own separate branch leading off of it. Their own timelines, so to speak. I have spoken to my friends at length how this is an amazing idea. It gives me, the ST, the ability to change up history and not screw up the timeline and cause ripples in a meta-plot.

    But, if this is a continuum, then that does not mean it is all-encompassing. My idea is that one of the things that exists outside of the Continuum wants in. And it has found a tiny pinprick to come...
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