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  • PbtA was my go to as I've recent gotten into Dungeon World, and I like how the system accomplishes the themes of that game. It's possible it wouldn't fit Changeling, though. I love Changeling, its world, and its themes. The Storyteller system certainly doesn't do anything to help accomplish the narrative themes of Changeling. Maybe there's another system that would. That's sort of my thought.
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  • As much as I love the WoD setting and have fond memories of playing it in the past, the fact of the matter is that the Storyteller system doesn't accomplish what it's games say they do. Vampire (by way of example) as it interacts with the system is really just a super hero game with a vampiric veneer. Similarly, I feel like the rules of Changeling fall short of actually telling stories about living stories, the creeping touch of banality, and the loss of innocence. You can tell those kinds of stories with Changeling the Dreaming with the rules as written, but the Storyteller system certainly isn't...
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  • Changeling Powered by the Apocalypse (Not Werewolves, though...)

    Sooooo... I'm likely going to commit a heresy here. But the thing is, I love me some Changeling. I have many fond memories of it. But since playing it back in the late 90's, I've played many newer (indie) games that I admire mechanically. One of them being Apocalypse World, and it's many mechanical step-children. Does anyone know if an attempt has been made at applying the Changeling setting to the Powered by the Apocalypse model?
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