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  • I think once the Changeling calls on the Wyrd or the Garou is enchanted, that treating the chimerical silver/gold as real is fair game.

    You can also add another layer to it and let the damage be unsoakable chimerical damage if you think pulling "real" (i.e. Agg) silver weapons out of thin air is a bit too much for your Werewolf PCs. That would keep the spirit of both games somewhat I think....
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  • Leading the way would work (I'd consider unconscious packmates "willing" for these proposes), or traveling back through an opened Caern.

    You can get a decently powered spirit to do it too, if you can put up the right chiminage. And you should be able to ask the Garou in question's Totem to help it through. Tricky, though not impossible depending on the amount of time you have.

    That's all I got, off the top of my head.
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