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  • Caedus
    replied to Tips about running mummy
    Well the Meret no longer would remember why they are there, but unlike most other Mummies the Meret was sent to the area where my hometown is after they were exposed to the rite of return. Their judges want them there because an ancient cthonic entity was bound there and the arisen serve as guardians and if needed a hit squad to take out the entity if it is ever released. So they have been in that area of the far north for thousands of years, before the people there could even work with bronze.

    They are awakened by a mass cult ritual as the Last Dynasty have opened up an office in...
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  • Caedus
    started a topic Tips about running mummy

    Tips about running mummy

    Hey guys i want to run Mummy The Cursed and just for the sake of challenging myself, i wanted to set the game in my hometown ((population 25 k)). I did wonder how one could run a mummy game in such an environment..ignoring pyramid play.
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  • Caedus
    replied to Weird combination spell
    i thought you could only combine 4 spells at the most, but lets add death in there as well. So i will ask again what the hell is made from this :O
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  • Caedus
    started a topic Weird combination spell

    Weird combination spell

    Hey i had a weirdcombination spell idea...probably never going to be made but hear me out. Life 5, Prime 5, Spirit 5 and Mind 5 the one where you create entities in each of them...what would one make if they combined all of those spells to make on singular being.
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