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  • Yup but one is mechanically defined in very specific ways where as your average Akathartoi is more..fluid in how they are made. And Duat in turn is the most defined lower depth....
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  • I could use help with figuring out Shades, Fiends, Amkhata, Qashmallim, Abyssals, and Akathartoi
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  • List of Weird Totems and their effects on their packs

    Hey y'all I have been thinking about the idea of having weird totems, as in non-spirit totems. So I thought that we could discuss the effects that having one of these could have on your pack and then I will edit it into this list, so here is the preliminary list of weird stuff that could potentially work, and with those few i have notes for. Anyway happy discussion times peepz let's get this list formalized.

    List of strange entities as totems and their effects:

    Ghosts: Gain connection to the Dead and lose access to the Spiritual twilight. Can open Avernian Gates naturally,...
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  • Caedus
    replied to Magath Rites
    These are excellent suggestions,thank you!...The werewolf in question seems very focused on commiting spirit political suicide by making the pack like an open safe space for magath the local courts won't be pleased with that. I now also have to consider the effect on these two spirits eating all of them Inspiration resonance from the pack locus....
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  • Caedus
    started a topic Magath Rites

    Magath Rites

    So I am running a crossover game and one of the players is a Werewolf that has made a pack out of the player group. Recently the pack encountered two magaths that they picked up cuz Ghost-Wolf. One of them is a Bicycle/Madness spirit and the other is a House Fly/Human lust spirit. So yeah the various ilthums of the local hisil are going to be really mad at this pack cuz aiding and sheltering magath. Now, the player wants their character to learn rites from the two spirits in I wanted suggestions for rites that could come from these two magaths or magaths in general.
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