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  • power

    My first attempt and codifying the benefits and drawbacks of this whole changeover. I designed the Wild Hunt condition to give more spectacular benefits than the more subtle Siskur Dah condition, as I imagine the more mythic and wonderous nature of the Faerie would lend itself more to that.

    Benefits for the Totem: Draws power from the pack, they passively feed on glamour by just being in proximity to their pack like a spirit totem, gains numina and influences as the spiritual bond changes the totem, gets more power from having a stronger totem connection...
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  • Excellent . What my preliminary mechanical thoughts for how this would work:

    Changeling Totem: Gets influences like a spirit equal to their wyrd at first and can spend xp to increase them. Develops two frailties to reflect the ban and bane of a spirit. Has all the standard abilities of a totem= sensing the pack, spawning the pack link and so on. Maybe they can also develop Numina too...not sure about this last bit. But i want to have the theme that the bargain + rite combo that makes this pack, changes both the Changeling Totem and the Uratha + other members of the pack. As the...
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  • Mega necrothread here I know, but I might actually have to run this Changeling as a totem game and I wanted to ask if you think rites would still work even if they do the Wild Hunt rather than the Siskur-Dah <3 ? Just for the sake of ease when dealing with mechanics and stuff....
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