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  • Perhaps I haven't read it recently enough. I'd swear it was only a Barghest once it had the bargain, and that animals went into the river more by accident than incident, as they are purely instinctual. Also, geists are specifically rank 3 ghosts with the Bargain manifestation, and they get it by surviving the rivers. Granted, that was from last I read, but again, it's been a while, so I could be wrong here. As far as being out of bounds? Not with death 5- helping a ghost survive a river of death to become more powerful definitely feels like a Master Moros maneuver.

    I also recall that...
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  • Dunk the ghost of the dog into the underworld river of choice so it becomes a barghest, and then teach it how to use it's new Bargain numina, and your golden.
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  • The thing is, the air isn't a physical place. It might reflect one, but it isn't. No mechanics govern a chamber's size, so it's as big as the beast desires.

    Similarly, mechanics don't determine how far a trait reaches. I generally make it last for a scene, unless there is a dramatic scenery change....
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