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  • I wish I could join in, but my schedule necessitates I can only do every other week. Either way I look forward to hearing about this game!
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  • I choose the monsters. That's why I took the job I have. I could have sat back and said "you know, I think I'll be an accountant. Bankers hours, nice office, safe from bullets."

    Instead I chose a different profession. One where I protect people, and take down criminals and terrorists....
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  • Lessons tend to be pretty integral to my beasts personally, and I honestly glossed over the devouring and how it went.
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  • As someone who's gone through that sort of teaching mechanism a few times, I'd like to provide you with some insight:

    It works. You wake up before the established time every morning because you know it's coming. You have a bed ready for inspection. Your heart rate goes up when the music plays because the pain and fear and confusion are coming. The fear and pain lessen with time, in part because you adapt to avoid it and in part because you grow acclimated. You see the instructor and you leap to the proper courtesy. And they lighten up. As long as you do the things you must do, they...
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