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  • Mini debate with a friend.

    Would Claws of the unholy ignore Mage Armor?

    One side of the argument is that the text specifically reads that it ignores anything not generated by Resilience.

    The other argument(mine) is that the book was written before Mage was.

    Their counter point is that so was Werewolf, and the merit Living Weapon still specifically calls out magic armor as working against it.

    So what do you fine people think?
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  • Heroofthemists
    replied to Weaponizing Death Rage
    1. My biggest problem with these tactics is the risk associated with them. Sure you can Death Rage, but every pack member who is within perception distance also gets triggered, causing them to attempt to resists, if one of them fails or, worse, the Elodoth fails you are in for a bad time. Not only that, but once you are in death rage you cannot shift tactics to meet the prey. You are a one minded destructive menace. You won't activate some of your more out of the box gifts, instead only the instinctual ones meant for 'rip and tear'. It's a poor choice in most situations. It can...
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  • At Harmony 7 you can reflexively shift if you have the essence to burn. Otherwise I think the character is toast.
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