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  • If it has enough essence to do so sure. But that requires it to have essence leftover after a fight with werewolves during it's possessed or claimed stage, as well as enough essence after to retry. Essence isn't infinite and it may be a far better option for it to use that essence in a bid to flee....
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  • Yes every Uratha Tribe certainly likes to boast about their prey being the most dangerous.

    I mean the biggest hamper would be the corpse requiring the open condition. A flame spirit that was claiming an arsonist will likely be unable to possess any random corpse. Additionally any corpse that has been mauled enough to eject a spirit is not going to be a valid target for possession again.

    It is certainly a interesting tactic if the spirit has the means to push the Uratha into Death Rage. The only downside would be the spirit is also a valid...
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