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  • As we have seen with the Tremere and the Caitiff before, social based weakness never seems to work correctly. I would much prefer remove their Paths and rework some of their previous powers into Rituals.
    If a new weakness is needed, maybe an inability to bloodbuff or a lack of fangs....
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  • One idea I had for a nerf is making the blessing only work by touching. This way, after all, it's just overkill for an assassin character who is able to touch his target when he is sleeping to spend a Glamour to prevent the target for awakening up before the first strike.
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  • DaemonChrno
    started a topic New fanmade kith: the Lorialets

    New fanmade kith: the Lorialets

    So, here is a new fanmade kith based on the french fairy know as the Lorialet. I really wanted to make one thing with this one: creating a kith whith birthright would help with Oniromancy but who also can be used by characters lacking the Art. I'm currently unhappy with the current version of the Lullaby blessing because I find it somewhat too powerful and I know it can easily be warped by any assassin-type characters. If you have any ideas, I'm open to suggestion.


    Nicknames: Lunatics

    The Lorialets (lo-ri-a-lÉ›') are birthed by dreams of the moon...
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