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  • Then whenever you do a VS roll to initiate a discipline the beast of the defender understands that something happened? In mesmerize its the purview of Dramatic Failure which is very difficult to happen an in the rules there is nothing that gives -dice modifiers to Discipline rolls except when there is resistance rolls.
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  • MESMERIZED Your character’s will is subordinate to that of a vampire. You’re not obviously hypnotized — you’re a bit quiet and reserved compared to normal, but nothing out of the ordinary. When the vampire who inflicted this Condition gives you a command, you cannot resist. If it’s something that you wouldn’t normally do, you might look like you’ve been hypnotized or that you’re sleepwalking, but otherwise you look and act normally.
    Mesmerize • All a vampire has to do is meet her victim’s eye to catch him in her thrall. Her control isn’t obvious; she just asks him to do something and...
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