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  • Sorry, to be clear, the high-stakes story is the story of the overarching chronicle. We're still in the early stages. The stakes of these individual stories are substantially lower, either innately or simply because there's a "cavalry" ready and willing to come in. The group over-represents Ad Arrows, and their commanders explicitly told them multiple times that they're mostly in these places to scout--the problem solvers would... solve the problem. In fact, the cavalry charging in was the point of "failure" for the group that I did enforce, and they definitely felt that failure...
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  • Storytelling advice: how to create challenge in Mage?

    I'm an experienced Chronicles storyteller, with ~3 years' worth of Changeling and Werewolf under my belt, plus some shorter games here and there. I'm having a lot of trouble calibrating my current game of Mage, though; I'm struggling to find the balance between challenge and mystery and smooth, engaging play. Some initial warnings:
    1. We've home-brewed the setting a fair amount. I have fundamental issues with the "everyone picks the red pill" aspect of Mage in the way many people had issues with Promethean, so there aren't Seers--or at least, aren't Seers as we know them from the book.
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