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  • dxanders
    started a topic Generic Stat Blocks

    Generic Stat Blocks

    Has anyone compiled a list of generic stat blocks for mooks in the game? Say, cops and SWAT, gang members and gang leaders, ghouls and wolf-kin. I'd love a baseline for stats, and I'm sure there are other people who could benefit from it as well.
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  • I think there are better ways to make yourself a meat shield. The amount of hospitalization that would result from a recurring Nine Lives merit will just turn you into a meat vegetable....
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  • I'll second Werewolf Vietnam and Werewolf in the Belgian Congo a thousand times over. Both very interesting premises that would require a very deft touch. Ditto Red Scare Beast/Promethean and 80s Miami Hunter (As a matter of fact, I've built a pretty comprehensive setting for the latter, and I'm trying to get together a group to run it right now. I actually have half a mind to convert it into a proper fan supplement). I actually think most of the ideas on this thread are REALLY great, but those are the ones that most appeal to me personally.

    I'd also add:
    Demon in post-Soviet,...
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  • I think MCN hit the nail on the head here. If you, as a player, are looking to "win" at the game (by which I mean set out to accomplish the goals your party has), then it would be more effective to just roll a new character when your existing one dies, create a more effective fighter who runs less risk of dying in the first place, or taking caution to minimize the risk of death. Because while your character won't technically be dead, they will face a war of attrition where increasingly more egregious wounds make them less effective, and the opportunity to heal those wounds becomes increasingly...
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  • Oh, I know that. If my boys and girls come after a werewolf head on, they're going to expect to get shredded.

    I was more just interested that, from a surface perspective at least, vampires actually seem more durable than werewolves, at least according to the simplified Hunter conversion systems. But that appears to not be the case after all....
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  • Is your plan to just keep buying the Nine Lives merit so that you don't ever die, or is there something more to it than that?
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