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  • Most of the time, I have a rough character concept ready already because I tend to write them down and just flesh it out. Or I just use these boards for inspiriation, taking a concept a like and bending it to my tastes. Sometimes I have a concept or 'feeling' (can be taken from a reference Character as KaiserAfini said. Funnily enough, I have a Moriarty-inspired Ordo Dracul Ventrue Banker) that makes the foundation.
    Occasionally, I start with a job and the character's view on their job, then get to know them better by asking myself what their hobbies are, what their friends and family are...
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  • Seconding what was said: lots of mooks, ranged mooks, hired specialists, attacking you where it hurts (friends - mortal or otherwise), good use of supernatural abilities - all those work.
    Most interesting imo would be clever tactics, e.g. use of environment. It'd be easy to practically cripple the character with a maze-like building with lots of corners and cover, negating your ranged ability if you get drawn in. A literal trap made to fight you (would be hell on the PC, but also reflective of how far they've come if people go to these lengths to beat them). Or hell, explosives. Taking your...
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  • Wormwood
    replied to Other Atavism Ideas?
    Feels like a powered up, refined version of ArchonAres' and my Manyskin with a different twist. Very thematic, I like it.
    Some questions, if you allow:
    Using your own attributes saves some charting work, which is always good. However, that makes taking over e.g. a Grizzly less useful than a common house cat: the latter can hide better, reach more places, is less conspicious and would deal the same damage, have the same rate of success for just about every task. Is this intentional? (Not saying this is bad, just curious.)
    I feel like the size calculation is a bit too lenient -...
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