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  • It seems the Telchines had a Scion in Greek myth! One Euxantius. He seems to have been a King bound somehow to his own realm.

    Still, his mother Dexithea or Dexinoe, would likely have one or more of Magic, Water, Sky, and Darkness, purviews and possibly Health, Earth, Illusion, or Mystery as well. Aquatic Animals are also possible. Magic is almost certain, the next three are very likely....
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  • The Telchines! A little known Pantheon to play with!

    The Telchines were a minor Pantheon worshiped on the Isle of Rhodes in ancient time. And a great resource. They're either a lost or fallen pantheon and one that can be used as a blank slate. They are both seen as mentors of the Greek Gods and ancient foes. This means lots of story hooks.

    A character could be one of the last scions of the Telchines seeking redemption or may be revenge. PCs could be seeking the ancient secrets of the Techines. Or maybe you just want to use the Atlantean Pantheon material with real deities and deity names.

    Whatever. The Telchines are a resource....
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  • Astromancer
    replied to "Ultimate" Deity List (WIP)
    Have you thought of adding the deities of ancient Rhodes? They feature in Greek Myth and would make a great fallen pantheon. They're called the Telchines.
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