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  • Tough times..
    Losing David from development on Changeling is really saddening.
    His writing on Changeling 2nd from what was shown in open dev was, fantastic.
    David was one of my fave writers for OPP.
    I like him for clear-cut and dynamic way of seeing things as a developer. His writing was evocative and felt open and honest when talking about heavy and challenging stuff.

    As it is I completely understand where he is coming from and why he left.
    I did not always agree with david, but he had a vision that he never strayed from. I respect people who are so...
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  • Ephraim
    replied to What's YOUR Custom Shifters?
    Im planning to have some Bison-shifters in my continuos Werewolves of Wyoming - game.
    These will be as close to a proper shape shifting Uratha I can get, and (surpirse) they will either be an ally or an enemy of the pack based on their respect of the Bison herds in the county.

    Long story:
    The Uratha of Wyoming have banded into one large protectorate in a defensive effort against the blackened wind (an Idigam I made a season ago). Blackened Wind is a forgotten foe of the Great Bison aka "Lord Bison". Lord Bison is a spirtual ancestor for Bison of Wyoming and also...
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